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The SONOFF SNZB-01 Zigbee Wireless Switch is a compact ZigBee smart switch that syncs with the SONOFF ZigBee Bridge. It facilitates seamless scene linkages between ZigBee devices (like BASICZBR3, S31 Lite zb) and Wi-Fi devices. With customizable controls – single, double press, long press – programming routines is a breeze.

One-tap pairing simplifies connections with multiple devices via the app. Its flexible movability allows strategic placement around your home. Create tailored smart scenes based on button actions. Enjoy two-way control for lighting from dual locations. Battery-operated with low-battery alerts (<10%) for timely replacements. Elevate your home automation with SNZB-01's intelligent convenience.

SONOFF SNZB-01 - Zigbee Wireless Switch

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